Application & Removal

Glue: (long wear)

  1. Wash and dry hands to remove dirt and oils from nails.

  1. Gently push back cuticles using orangewood stick (cuticle pusher) and remove any dead skin that may be on the nail plate.

  1. File down free edge of nails (if necessary).

  1. Use buffing block to gently but thoroughly buff nail surface. 

  2. Optional (but helpful for maximum adhesion):

    Use coarse side of provided nail file (blue side) to gently etch surface of the nails. Nails will not be smooth. The texture will provide a surface for the glue to grip on to, improving adhesion.

    *Be sure not to etch the nail too much or too aggressively. Doing so can cause damage to the nail surface. Etch just enough to create a bit of texture but not so much as to grind into the nail.


  1. Use alcohol wipe to cleanse the surface of the nail and remove dust. You may also use acetone or nail polish remover, as long as it does not contain oils. Let dry.

    *Note: To further increase adhesion you may also use a nail dehydrator after cleansing off the dust. Allow to dry completely before proceeding.

  1. Apply a drop of nail glue onto the surface of the nail and use the tip of the glue bottle to spread the glue over the whole nail. *Optionally, you may add a small drop on the inside of the BN nail tip as well.

  1. Apply BN nail tip as close to the cuticle as possible without actually touching the skin and press down and hold firmly for 20-30 seconds. Press down firmly enough to release air bubbles to ensure proper adhesion.


Additional Tips:

* Before starting your prep/application process, be sure to check that each nail fits as well as possible. If you find that your cuticle(s) is/are more round than the tip or the tip goes beyond your sidewalls a bit, you may file your tips for a more custom fit. Gently file in on direction with the smoother side of your nail file. Do not over file. File a little, check the fit then file a little more if necessary. Remove dust from nail tip before applying.


* Be sure not to apply too much glue to avoid getting it on the skin. If you do, immediately remove it with the cuticle stick.


* Avoid putting hands in water or oils for at least one hour after applying nails to allow the glue to completely dry and fully adhere to the nails. Doing so may cause the bond of the glue to loosen and possibly cause the nails to pop off prematurely.


Glue Tabs: (short wear time 1 to 24 hrs)

  1. Follow prep steps 1-5 from the glue application instructions.

  2. Choose a nail tab that corresponds with the size of the nail tip.

  3. Remove tab from sheet with plastic covering still on and carefully place it on the inside of the nail.

  4. Press and rub the tab into the back of the nail to smooth it and warm the adhesive.

  5. Remove the plastic from the nail tab and apply to the nail bed as closely to the cuticle as possible without touching the skin.



Glue/Nail Tab Combo:

If you find that your nail beds are much flatter than the apex of the nail tip, you may apply both a nail tab and use glue. After applying the tab on the back of tip and removing the plastic, apply a small amount of glue to nail bed and/or on the back of the nail tip over the glue tab. Even if the tips fit your nails perfectly you may still use this method for a slightly longer wear than what you'll get from using the tabs by themselves.




Glue Tabs:

  1. Soak nails in very warm, soapy water for 5-10 minutes.

  2. Use cuticle stick to lift tip from nail. If tip is resistant, soak a few more minutes and try again.

  3. Remove any of the glue tab that is still adhered the back of the nail tip before reusing.


  1. Soak nails in very warm, soapy water with a few drops of oil for 10-20 minutes.

  2. Use cuticle stick at the edge of the nail and gently start to lift the nail off.

  3. Once you feel the nail start to lift without resistance, slide the cuticle stick underneath and carefully move around to fully lift the nail off.

    *If there is resistance or discomfort when trying to remove the nail, soak the nails an additional 5-10 minutes. Then try to remove the nail again. Repeat this until all nails can be removed without resistance.

    *DO NOT FORCE NAILS OFF. Forcing the nail off can not only cause pain but can damage the nail plate.

  4. After all nails have been successfully removed, use buffer to buff off any remaining glue from the nail plate.


Additional Tips:

*Adding oil into the water is not recommended for matte nails.

*You may also add some additional oil around the cuticles and under the nail in areas where lifting has begun before re-soaking.

*Although not required, having an inexpensive electric nail drill of some sort is recommended to remove built up glue from the press on. Doing so will help with smooth application and adhesive when reusing. In some cases you may be able use a mini buffer or mini nail file to remove built up glue depending on the size of the nail.